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Company History of
Hagon Shocks.

Alf Hagon founded Hagon Products in 1958 making speedway and grasstrack chassis, along with race engine parts. Before starting the company Alf enjoyed a very successful racing career as an England international speedway rider and had also won 11 national grass track titles.

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Our Journey, Hagon Shocks.

Alf also was very well respected in the drag racing scene and held various records with the famous Big Jap Supercharged twin drag racer. His son Martin continued the racing success, winning the European Grass Track Championship in 1984 and the British Masters’ Championship in 1984 and 1987.

Martin is currently Managing Director at Hagon Products, while it is his son Sam’s turn now to follow in his father’s footsteps with a very promising Speedway racing career ahead of him.

In the 1980’s Hagon products decided to concentrate on the production of suspension units both for traditional twin shock motorcycles, as well as their fully rebuildable mono shocks, and the success which came along with the reputation for reliability, quality, and popularity of Hagon shocks ensured the production quantities which founded the move from the original shop in Leytonstone high road to the factory at 7 Roebuck Road where Hagon Products operates from today.

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Catalogue history

Below are a few samples of our catalogues from the early 1970's featuring our specialised Speedway, Grasstrack, and Drag race frames, along with specialised parts and tools relevant to the industry. Please note these are here as a point of interest only, and with the exception of shock absorbers and fork dampers which we still manufacture, these products are long obsolete!


You can now order direct from Hagon products to International and European destinations.
Please note we cannot ship to P-O Box addresses.

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Fantastic over the phone service. Easy to get the correct product for you. Made to measure and fit directly to the bike without any hassle. Fantastic value for money and have drastically improved the feel of my bike!

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